the past year has been a journey, full of highs and lows, and usually when these things happen i have to step back and allow things to organically reorganize. well its that time again and senzu has returned from another drift out of obscurity. Some of the artists from the past have moved on, as they did before that, and this is something that is not suprising. Since its inception i have envisioned senzu as a launching pad for other artists, providing somewhat of a network of artist empowerment from artists all around the world. 2014 was a very very intense year, we had released LEYLA, and had grown exponentially in numbers. it was  growing to the point where it was very hard to manage. Since that compilation ( released in 2014  to raise awareness for the kurds in iraq and syria), the Kurds had become a major player in the world stage. as the threat of ISIL and the struggle for order in iraq worsen, the kurds proved over and over again that they were a reliable source of support in the region. The following year for us was spent spread thin and unknowing of whats ahead. Some of us were dealing with Lifes Obstacles, some of us were moving forward faster than the others. by the end of 2015 we had slowed to a halt.
2016 was spent primarily focused on the United States Election as this was really going to determine the next move Senzu could go for its fundraising and social activism outreach. In the world today the amount of bedroom producers are far too wide in authenticity. looking ahead, senzu will be focusing more on unique art projects, releases, and social political action. We are not a  typical label focused on booking shows or false guarantees. Senzus goal is innovative ways to create with minimum materials. Making Lemonade out of Lemons.



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