Senzu is a Collective/Netlabel/Community Of Artists, Started in 2011 as a community of musicians sharing music and creations, now acts a DIY cassette & digital label releasing projects from the underground worldwide to open ears. as of 2017 senzu is now releasing cassettes, with each release a limited run, these will be very special releases.

Senzu is working in collaboration with various international relief groups and organizations along with collectives of artists from all around the US and the world to create compilations as fundraising tools for those in dire need. Our first compilation was released in 2014, LEYLA, and the project raised awareness of the Kurdish people in Iraq, particulary the victims of chemical warfare in 1988. This was in collaboration with AKIN, the american kurdistan information network.

In 2016 Senzu released the first cassette, keylimehoney, all handcrafted and quietly released with no promo.  the cassette release was limited to 33 copies and had a holographic rare card as well a insert. the project sold out in about 3 weeks. this test in the waters was the green light for senzu to move forward into the physical realm of music releases.

SNX001 アウディAUDI from netherlands based 猫 シ CORP. was released in 2017, on new years day. The project was another quiet release on bandcamp again, with no social media promo. the cassette sold out in 18 hours, faster than anyone expected.  this cassette was limited to only 100 copies with holographic red designs. Aside from releasing Brand New Projects, We will be re releasing from senzu’s back catalog, as well as artists from around the globe.

仙 is the character we use to designate our work, the word senzu is roughly translated as either 1)  a sage or hermit, an enlightened person, usually immortal and ageles 2)(mythology) short for 仙人 (sennin): a wizard or mage; an immortal living as a hermit in the mountains 3)  by extension, the region or area where a sennin lives 4) the supernatural techniques for becoming immortal and ageless




@alecksawklr / @senzucollective


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