VOL 1° – LEYLA [compilation for kurdish refugees]

Senzu  in collaboration with A.K.I.N. (American Kurdistan Information Network), will be releasing a series of fundraising projects. “Leyla” (Formerly Zeyla, & 400 Hands) is the working title of compilation in the Infinite Lights Series aimed at outreach education and Direct funding to providers of food and medical aid to kurdish refugees. 


Infinite Light Volume 1 – or – “Leyla” is out now; a 23 track compilation Featuring Exclusive Tracks by artists from all around the world. Infinite Light is a Compilation Series Organized by Senzu that focuses on Raising Funds & Awareness for International Relief & humanitarian Efforts. All Proceeds from Volume 1 will go directly to the American Kurdistan Information Network, and will directly to the cause and relief of the kurdish refugees and victims of the chemical warfare of the iran-iraq war. We are working closely with the organizations involved in the kurdish fight for human rights in the middle east, and we belive the funds and attention raised by this, we can really make a difference.



The First Volume in a series aimed at international relief fundraising through Compilations featuring International Artists. LEYLA will feature 14 Exclusive tracks from Senzu Artists from around the world on two seperate compilations. Featuring acts from India, Latvia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, France, Uk, Ireland, Canada, USA, Russia, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, Mexico, Germany, Indonesia, & More. The Idea is a pay what you want donation based compilation with all proceeds and profits going to the Kurdish Refugees of the iran-iraq war in the late 80s. We will be working in collaboration with AKIN, the american kurdistan information network, As well as other European Human Rights Organizations to make sure these funds will go directly to helping those in need, on the field.

The Krudish people were the victims of chemical warfare by the force of saddam husseins regime. “The ones who died are really the lucky ones” Says one Kurdish american Lobbying for Kurdistan In Washington. The effects of the nerve agents used on these people, Created chronic lung damage, asthma, birth defects, and a wide array of other side effects. They have been turned into lepers of their society, being the source of racial violence in iraq, turkey, and syria, kurdish families are forced to live in camps as refugees. Their women are beaten in the streets of turkey, Their homeland is scarred by chemical fallout in Iraq, and the saddest most unjust thing is that the world simply does not know about this.


why? Why are we not aware of the Kurdish Genocide? Well there is Not a large kurdish population in general, One of the most recent of  their Human Rights Violations Come from turkey, A geo-political Strategic Ally in the Middle east/ Caucaus Region. America, Europe and the Great Western world does not want to cause trouble with such a valuable ally, Despite their mistreatment of their own people. Kurdistan Geologically is split between Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, And Parts of Armenia.


That is where we step in, As a Massive network of artists and educated young people we have the power to make a difference.This network, The Senzu Art Collective, Is not an exclusive team of artists. We Are open to any form of collaboration or support or involvement that anyone, in any part of the world, would like to do.  you, that is reading this now, you are a part of this network. With international support and releasing of solid compilations of tracks,  we plan to raise money for these outlandish crimes on peace. Systematically we will be taking on different issues with this Infinite Lights Series, From The kurdish Refugees, to The recent Egyptian Revolution, To The Chechnyan Civil Conflicts, To South American Orphanages, To The Rwandan Children,  To The Bloody Streets of Chicago, To The People of Palestine, We Will Systematically Support All Sides of these wars on the Light.

The Light is alive in all of us, the light allows us to see, to understand. When we turn off these lights, we become violent, greedy, envious, we lash out, we accuse, we are vulnerable. The Light will give us infinite strength, as we are not just one flame in the night; we are many torches. and together we can light up the world.

if you would like to reach us and get involved you can email ahab at senzucollective (at) gmail . com
or give us a call on our american line 1 818 984 9098




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